Being Denied to Canada Because of Financial Grounds

You must satisfy an officer that sufficient arrangements for care and support are in place, which does not involve any social assistance. This results from a failure to prove your ability to support yourself and your family financially. If you cannot prove that you have a meaningful income from skilled work, entrepreneurship or investments, you may be deemed a burden or potential burden to the Canadian government and denied entry to Canada as a result. If an officer is not satisfied with your financial submissions, you will be refused entry.

How Much Money Do I Need to Immigrate to Canada?

The amount of money needed to be admissible to Canada depends on how long you will be staying in Canada. It also depends on whether you are entering under a visa or not. There are several variables that determine how much money you will need to enter. For example, if you are applying for Express Entry you will need $12,669 in Canadian dollars to enter. If you have a spouse and a child applying with you for Express Entry you will need $19,390 Canadian dollars to immigrate.

You should consult an immigration professional to determine how much money you will need before you arrive in Canada.

How VisaPlace Can Help You Enter Canada

Normally, if you are inadmissible to Canada, you will not be allowed to enter, unless you know how to prepare the "right" paperwork. If you have a "reason" to travel to Canada that is justified in the circumstances, you may be issued a temporary resident permit (TRP). When it comes to inadmissibility, VisaPlace has years of experience to help those who are worried or struggle with getting accepted into Canada.

Fill out our immigration assessment form and we will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your eligibility and options.

Customer Reviews

I have now gotten my SECOND visa for working in the US with Visa Place, and I have referred several peers who have successfully gotten visas as well. The team (specifically Danielle, Fadi and Preejo) went above and beyond to ensure that I was very well taken care of. We encountered an issue in the application process (which was no fault of theirs), and the team regrouped and put all hands on deck to resolve it as soon as possible and push my approval past the finish line. It was amazing to say the least and I am so grateful that I can continue my career across the border where the vast majority of work in my industry lies.

Alex Brownin the last week

I recently had the pleasure of working with the VISA place on my E2 Visa. This was a great experience through all the highs and lows Ezekiel was there, he was Amazing a true professional. I feel like I could not have done it without him. His professionalism, understanding and genuine caring for us during this was unbelievable. I will miss our frequent phone calls. I would recommend VISA PLACE to everyone.

Ryan Joa2 weeks ago

The team here is wonderful. They are so professional and capable of handling any immigration matters. I just received my Work Permit thanks to them. Thanks Alicea again for helping me! I highly highly recommend to try their services ❤❤

Cao My Duyen4 weeks ago

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